Posted time November 16, 2023 Location Dhaka Job type Full-time

Welcome to Toggi Fun World’s vibrant realm, where our Call Centre Executive doubles as a Customer Care Maestro, embodying the essence of cool and friendly service.


Harmony in Communication (English & Bangla):

  • Fluent mastery in both English and Bangla.

Social Symphony Creator:

  • Craft engaging stories through constant social media interaction.

Inbound and Outbound Call Virtuoso:

  • Blend empathy and precision in handling customer calls.
  • Transform opportunities into melodies of success through outbound calls.

Research & Reporting Alchemist:

  • Extract wisdom from customer needs and industry trends.
  • Weave captivating reports, merging data into enchanting narratives.

Lead Generation Sorcerer:

  • Cast spells of lead generation with finesse.
  • Transform potential into reality, becoming a true sorcerer of customer acquisition.

Application Deadline: November 30, 2023

Join us in creating a harmonious and magical experience at Toggi Fun World!

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